Dressing well is an art not impossible and be able to do so sensual even. Just keep in mind a number of simple rules that can transform a dress sloppy and insignificant in a true miracle. It is part of knowing your strengths and dress her so sexy without seeming vulgar, playing with transparencies, traditional colors and adhesions to the right place .

The first basic step to dress in a sexy way is to know your strengths : each of us has one body part you like, and he knows to be appreciated, if you know it is right to highlight it. So if you possess the skinny arms and tonic but the lower part of the body tends to “widen” you can wear T-shirts and clothes that put on display, if you are equipped with a generous neckline V-necklines definitely the highlight (but you avoid those that are too deep to avoid falling into vulgarity). Or, if the strength is concentrated in the lower part of the body on the legs and lower back, tight pants will fulfill the role required.


Sexy does not want to say “see it all”, indeed, it is agreed that it means exactly the opposite: to see nothing but imagine over the fabric. This means that the clothes that best play this role are those with transparencies, for example where the lace is well suited for this purpose. Or is well known that the colors that best stimulate the part of the brain that triggers the interest are the hot ones like red, but the most common investigations agree that it depends on how you wear it: the simple black, if well carried, is considered the sexiest of all color. As well as the white, which, however, since it tends to broaden its forms, is more suitable for those with a slight build in nature.

Another trump card to appear more sexy are adhesions This does not mean that you need to dress fascination in tight suits all over the body, because it would only accentuate pounds and defects that would be better to hide On the contrary, it is not even advisable to dress in a too wide at the points of our body which we think the worst Like everything about the clothing, you have to learn to be balanced: adhesions, yes, but only in some places, those of strength Adhesions, especially along the legs, get along very well with high heels, always symbols of sensuality However not necessarily have to go to 12 cm as you are likely to resemble the ducks clumsy: you can start with lower heels, just coordinate them with sexy dress and will have the effect of elongate your figure as well as cm higher.