Do you love being the center of attention, your photograph and wear colorful clothes and flashy? If the answer is yes, then I will suggest in this guide as you can transform into bright and lively “scene queens”, exhibitionists from the look eccentric. I will explain what these girls have in common, such as dress and makeup to become the beautiful and seductive scene queen

First, we must emphasize that the one scene queen is not just a fad, an obsessive attention to the aesthetics and for the image, but a real philosophy of life. The “scene queens” are in fact sharing a passion for music goth / punk, but tend to be more cheerful and lively than their “cousins” picture. Let us see now what is the look perfectly suited to become a scene queen. The hair should be long and smooth strictly (the color does not matter, although it is preferable to opt for a bold color such as platinum blonde or jet black). The presence of multi-colored strands and extension is a must. The more your look will be eccentric and flashy, more will you take the stage! Get jiggy with it, then, with glam and colorful accessories such as hairpins, headbands, bows and the inevitable crown of sequins.


The trick is to be absolutely sensual. Rigged very eyes (are basic black eyeliner and purple eyeshadow) and lips (you opt for a very light pink). The wardrobe of a “scene queen” is extremely diverse. Jerseys depicting cartoons or Hello Kitty are among the most popular, but also sweatshirts with logos of bands and video games of the eighties, stars or skulls. As for the part below, you can choose from colorful skirts, tight blue jeans or blacks, leggings leopard or blacks. What shoes to wear? Dancers (preferably with skulls or stars), Converse, or high heels . To be even more original and unconventional you can choose a trait that characterizes you as a stuffed toy or glasses nerd.

Is not a substitute Furthermore, facial piercings and tattoos wear flashy necklaces, belts very showy and colorful scarves is not a substitute bags, these always colorful and imaginative, pendants jewelry and eyelashes If you have long eyelashes and all the advice you are now the beautiful “scene queens” and you just need to start making a lot of photos, share them on popular social networks and honeycombs everyone notices The hunt for consensus can begin (not just in real life, but also on the network)!