The ’20s are characterized by sober and elegant colors: white, black, powder pink , silver and gold. Are the masters! In addition fringes , silk and clothes like skirts, hats with feathers and sequins, and so on, and so forth! The make up is completely revolutionized, eyebrows thin, almost non-existent; eye shadows in dark colors and sharp, crystal clear or pink lips , and complexion perfectly compact and clear. Dressing up for a party like this is very simple, just the ability to combine everything in a more appropriate manner.

Attending a party theme is easy! It is important to inquire and find the right combination between the theme and our physicality, without exaggeration or risk falling into vulgarity In this case, the years ’20 are characterized by long dresses for women and shirt and vest for men. If you do not mind this time I recommend watching the “Great Gatsby” there will be a great inspiration! It is important to remember the role of music, the woman begins to smoke in public, in fact the look smoky eyes also dates from this period, as the black eyeshadow reminiscent of cigarette smoke.


Women’s clothing: dress medium-long black and white, fringes , feathers, sequins . In the absence of a similar dress I recommend you use a basic enriching it with appropriate accessories such as: long pearl necklace and bracelets, hair band with the application of feathers and glitter, long gloves and finally silk high heels . Men’s clothing: white shirt, black tie, pinstriped suit or plain, black or blue. Pocket square white or red. Inevitable lacquered and laced hat real boss.

The make- up is essential for the success of the look. Pale skin, eyes super intense shades of black and gray, totally nude lips or lacquered Matt lipsticks and decided to shades of red, burgundy, we should redesign the heart-shaped lips. The cheeks are red or pink, the eyebrows thin and arched. For men, the job is far less complex, just apply the gel and comb all the hair back, or keep a side line and create a clump of medium size. Take a cue from my tips and adapt them to your look, atmosphere, music and clothes will be the highlight of your evening to relive that time in full .