Every woman wants to hear and see each other more beautiful in every moment of the day . Have time for a make up full is not always possible. Let us, therefore, for special occasions have eyeshadow, lipstick , the ‘ eyeliner and whatnot but never give a touch of blush to highlight our face and brighten the complexion of the skin at any time of the day. In this guide we will discuss how to choose the brush for blush.

There are different types of blush. The consistency of the classical common product is in powder or compact and must be applied with a brush in soft bristles of medium size. For the blush or cream blush is recommended, a brush with stiffer bristles mixed. In both cases, the shape of the brush is slightly oblique, this allows to spread the color in the cheeks so as to give a shadow natural visual parading the face . To always take the right amount of product to be spread, the brush must rotate within the blusher with touches light, without pressing too (especially in the case of that in the cream). Gently tap the edge of the box allow you to drop any excess powder. Apply the blusher cheekbones toward your ears with bold strokes and then blend in ever upward.


To have a greater effect on and bring out the cheeks in the upper part , using another type of brush said convex. The rounded shape of the brush allows you to apply the product in a concise manner at the top of the cheeks. Soft bristles, and the smaller size of the brush, allow to fade the color in a natural way without having smudges and stains. The movements to do in this case are circular. The product should always be shaded by following a circular motion.

As for the cream blush the difference is in the bristles of the brush , as I mentioned earlier, are less soft. The size of the brush is therefore slightly stiffer to support the product, softer, and allow a smooth and natural writing. Take the product by rotating the brush in a delicate, lightly rub the bristles the edges of the pack to remove any excess product and spread in the traditional way, cheekbones towards your ears. Fade following the movements from the bottom upwards.