Unfortunately it is more difficult for a man than a woman to be elegant. As for the woman just a few tricks to change the entire look and stand out even in the midst of the multitude, for a man instead, one needs a whole series of special combinations. The stand out among the others can sometimes become really a business. This does not mean that it is completely impossible, you need only pay much more attention when choosing clothing to wear. Let us see how to be an elegant man and then stand out from the crowd.


If a man thinks he can wear clothes that magically can completely change its status, it is slightly out of the way. To look really stylish must know how to mix many small steps, but at the same time stay within good taste. It is not always just a jacket and a tie to change the appearance, we must do much more. Exist for this specific basic rules, to which it is best to stick, the first of these is if you wear a black dress details must absolutely be: white shirt , possibly classic shoes, preferably with shiny locks laces, socks strictly black , trouser belt possibly black leather.

If the color of which you are going to wear blue in this case was the shirt must be necessarily white or blue to the limit, of course, a delicate tone then banished the blue sky, socks to match the ‘ then blue dress, black belt possibly also in leather, black shoes with laces, unlike the first example in this case are also allowed shoes slightly opaque. The last color of elegant dress allowed is a charcoal gray, this color can match with a white shirt, socks darker tone of the dress, black shoes matte leather. For all these dresses the color of the tie should definitely stand out on the shirt but do not have to do battle with the jacket. For an elegant touch plus you can choose to wear a pouch in the pocket, in order to avoid gross errors will be perfect white.

Naturally, there are variants of clothing indicated in the previous step, and these might be to choose the entire clothing of a single color. In this case it is very easy to fall into banality, not to make this mistake, you should choose different tones starting from the main jacket and pants. For shoes instead it will be appropriate to remain on the classic black or lace-up, to break up a little bit, the choice could fall on shiny or dull. The tie will always be in tune with the jacket. Even with this clothing the clutch is indicated but may vary in color combining a matching all dress.

Another detail to keep in mind, is the model of the tie. The choices are the two tight pattern, then in small knot, or the one-node wide. But even in this case have to be matched very precise rules or, that the tie small knot should only be chosen in case the body of the wearer is not massive and the age that is within the range of youth. For everyone else the choice should fall strictly on the node model big.

Let’s see quickly what are the errors that should never be committed. Let’s start with the socks. Under a cut dress elegant, should never be worn stockings fantasy, Scottish or similar. So never make the pairing sock tie, the latter surely guessed if the chosen clothing is casual. Another trick would be to not choose an elegant dress that is brown in color, although it is a really nice color, but does not fall in the range of upscale.