During the weeks of men’s fashion have been unveiled fashion trends of the upcoming Fall / Winter 2013-2014.

Hard to think that winter is already now when we are still struggling with jackets, sweaters, heavy boots and accessories that protect us from the cold. In the end, however, the fashion shows and fashion wait for no one anticipates from season to season. In this regard, I want to tell you about men’s fashion, which in recent days has been presented on the catwalks of Pitti Uomo 83 and Milan . The greatest designers of international fame have presented what will be the trends of next year, the new fashionable colors, the fabrics most intriguing, prints, shapes and styles . Of course, as you all know, the designers do not decide at the table all together what will draw, and each offers its collection and within those often found some pieces that have similar characteristics.


And then there are those collections that go without saying, speak, and set the trends for themselves. Who am I referring to? In the new line of Dolce & Gabbana. For next winter the two Italian designers have thought of a collection that continues to offer the Sicily at the center of the universe fashion. We are faced with a wide selection of shirts with sacred faces, shirts and blouses embroidered cross stitch and high-waisted pants.

Another music you listen to on the catwalk of Prada that brought an ancient man, a man ‘classic’ but renovated in the style and genre. You know when you look at a complete and defined the ‘classic’? this is what happens looking at the Prada collection, with one small exception, however, that its proposals are so classic but updated. They change forms and are decidedly more slim than in the past, change the colors, although they are brilliant, they are not too dull. Something like it also offers the fashion house Gucci , who also plays with colors, of which we will discuss shortly, and offers elegant men’s suits, which are characterized mainly by the double-breasted jacket.

From Giorgio Armani, however, the man is dressed casually, loves warm fabrics, like a few colors, especially loves accessories. The style does not have excesses, it is very clean and simple . And the same goes for Ermanno Scervino, that moves, as well as others, on a plane defined classic. These are the forms change, the colors are improved, the whole thing is very minimal, if we want to define it.

The must-have for next season will surely jackets double-breasted , present in morning suits , in leather jackets and coats colored. It will still be the velvet fabric most chic of the season, which will reconfirm after the great success this winter. Space to the colors, as I said many times before, and lord it will be yellow ocher, burgundy and blue , next to the classic blue, gray and black. Notably absent will instead be brown. The style eventually will be absolutely sober , ‘classic’.