There is no woman in the world who is not eager to rejuvenate the skin care of your face and go back to see her smooth, firm and rosy as during the years of youth . How, then, to get at least some if not miracles satisfactory result? techniques are many and everyone has identify that best suits your needs.

A useful aid you can get it from hyaluronic acid available in cream or as a dietary supplement, much more effective than the first solution. Hyaluronic acid, present in the body since childhood, is delegated to retain water at the level of epidermis and progressively decreases over the years. Since it is not assumable through the power supply, it is contained only in the cartilage, if nothing is done with supplements the skin dehydrates, loses its firmness and wrinkles are formed.

Excellent also the vegetable oils and fruit acids: there are many and all effective than almond oil jojoba or Macassar, or citric acid or glycolic acid. To get a good effect from creams and oils is also important to know how to massage the skin, after being subjected to a light scrub weekly, essential to eliminate the top layer of the epidermis, is ready to receive its nutrients. Proceeding from neck, always with movements ranging from the bottom to the top, back up to the temples with small touches circular, avoiding the area of the mouth and around the eyes. intervention immediately following is more decided and provides compartmentalize and slaps that have the prerogative to promote circulation, sprinkling best tissue.


And finally, why not try the facial gymnastics? muscles of the face are the only ones in the whole body to be directly in contact with the skin exercising them and strengthening them, exactly as you do with gymnastics body, you can also tone while improving the condition of the skin, thinning deeper wrinkles , eliminating those most superficial and recovering the oval of the face. It is about a fifteen exercises to be done daily and as a discipline, needed to collect the first results in three months. For those unwilling to do for itself the study of aesthetic medicine offering laser, Botox and fillers , there is plenty of choice although maybe a good diet based antioxidant of foods containing vitamin A, E and C may also give a good help to the beauty of the skin care.