Few years the lace dresses are back in fashion, following the current one sees that rediscovered the so-called line “vintage”. While we can not deny the beauty of lace dresses, often the problem that many girls are asking is that pairing, as the magnificence of the features of this tissue does not always goes perfectly with the other clothing accessories. In this guide we will try to dispel this rumor, and explain how with the right combinations a lace dress can be combined with the other elements of clothing.


First of all, let’s start with the specify that the lace can be raised in all seasons. Despite being a type of fabric particularly light and maybe more used in the hot season, can have its variants even in winter. At the same time, as the lace has the reputation of being a stylish head, now more and more brands have cleared through customs for casual wear and sportswear. This type of fabric is fine, in fact, with what you do not expect: the jeans, for example, in spite of how many imagine, is a fabric that fits well with the elegance of lace, making cheeky and dynamic at the same time.

Among the leaders with whom the lace is located at ease we can not forget the short skirts. As head light, the short skirt does not invade the range of lace, and becomes an accessory to the perfect support. In that case, best to complete the work, we suggest a nice pair of sandals as footwear. Even if the boss is a reference blazer lace, the concept is the same: the rest of the accessories must be sober and unobtrusive.

The game of pairing is definitely more fun with shoes: try to match your dress in lace ballerinas or amphibians. You will notice that this apparent contradiction is actually not only a heresy, but it becomes a viable alternative to your casual look.

In principle, therefore, the general rule is not too elaborate match heads, which weigh down the already strong threads of lace. Avoid huge skirts with elements hardworking at home, whether they are accessories or drawn. At the same time avoid redundancy of lace: if you already wearing a dress with this fabric, avoid sandals and earrings of the same material. The lace must be present in a single element of our clothing .