When the summer is upon us we men have our beautiful problems. The choice of the right swimwear for men is not just a problem for the fairer sex, but now, it is an almost insurmountable obstacle for us men! Let’s face it … The man, quite often, can be the most narcissist of the weaker sex. We love to be admired and not displease even the comments of the women, especially to the sea where our body is exposed to fleeting glances (and not) of sweet feminine eyes. The choice of costume bath, therefore, must necessarily be done in the right way and with the policy. Throughout this guide you will get an idea about the different models that best highlight your physique. But remember … The beach does not forgive!

The basis of the choice of costume perfect for our summer, there must be good taste and elegance. Be sincere and register it in the category that most reflects you, we do not want you to make a bad impression on the beach! Let us, then, to see what the costume more right for you.


We start of course the dream of most of us boys, unfortunately almost always this! If you have a physical dry, not even a thread of belly, sculpted abs and an ass as hard as the Statues Bronzes then you can afford to wear one “slip” or a “trunks” or you can also choose a “tight boxers.” If you have a well toned physique, let me tell, there is to envy you! To you it remains only to decide, because you can choose between three different types of models! These three types do not leave anything to feminine imagination, so if you like to show the body can opt for any of these. The slip outlines all your forms and adheres attributes placing them on display. The more daring and uninhibited dare even with a high-cut briefs or a thong. Beware, though: in the latter case the effect of “exhibitionist” is on the prowl!