How to take care of hair at the beach, at the beach or in the pool, gestures righteous and tips to have beautiful hair, soft and healthy.

The attention to the hair on the beach or in the pool should be full, or the salt or chlorine, the sun and the wind go far to influence the health of our hair, even short ones. If we then treated hair, colored or bleached, the action on them can be greater than on natural hair. extra care is necessary to protect them and with the help of some specific product you can keep them beautiful and healthy, even after attending the beach. There are some basic rules which apply to all hair types.


Hat The first tip is that if you stay a long time exposed to the sun, better to use a hat or a scarf for hair repair. elastics, barrettes If they tied because long, do not use tight elastic, but they are always soft to prevent the hair from La spice and also with clamps or clips, do not take them too. Maybe better to use elastic bands or cotton to keep them in place. rinse after bathing After bathing, both at sea and in the pool, the hair should be rinsed with fresh water always, to remove salt or chlorine, thus preventing it from dehydrating and unnecessarily ruin. Pass them for well under running water and rub the skin to remove the most of the debris. Comb and brush to comb or brush your hair, better to use natural products, such as brushes and combs only specially developed to take care of your tresses.

Protective oil solar Even if you have normal hair, if the sun is very strong, it is always best to use an oil sunscreen to protect against dehydration and discoloration operated from the sun. Even if you use the hat, but in the meantime you take the sun or while taking a bath, the hair must be protected from UV rays. If there are any specific problems or special situations, here’s what to do to defend the most of your hair. colored or bleached hair If your hair is colored or bleached, better pay attention and use specific products such as the new line of Morphisms Sunrise specifically designed for color-treated hair made ​​from hibiscus flowers, but also perfect for normal ones. Includes a protective oil to the sun water resistant which protects from UV rays, a shampoo to use after exposure to the sun to remove any grit, salt or chlorine, a hydrating mask and polishing like a balm reinforcing.

All of these products help to protect the color and keep your hair soft and healthy. Additionally, if you like the feeling of freshness, a 2-in-one, one shampoo-shower always based on extracts of hibiscus. After Sun Shampoo 250ml € 13 , 50 After Sun Mask 250ml € 16.40 € 20.00 Sun Protective Oil 100ml After Sun Hair & Body 250ml € 15.00 Brittle hair If this is the problem, in your beauty routine, L’Occitane has created a dedicated line for hair, Archeological, with a tonic prepared based angelic and 5 other essential oils, dosed to counteract the dryness and brittleness of hair. An oil tonic that you can apply for protection before going to the beach, a shampoo and a conditioner and also a specific restorative mask to be applied when needed. Repair Shampoo 300ml € 16.00 € 25.50 500ml Conditioner Repair Repair Serum 100ml 20.00 € Repairing Mask 250ml € 24.00.