Once the machining crocheting were a real must, especially if hand-made by the mother or a relative. Now the fashion houses reproduce decorations and crochet inserts on clothing and accessories to be trendy and chic in the summer.

The summer 2013 fashion retro smiles , making room for all that in previous decades was trendy. In the 50s the lace decorations maddened star and not just and they were perfect to have a result intriguing and sensual. By now you know that the lace, a few seasons, in fact entered into the world of modern fashion and difficult, I think, forsake us (and thank goodness!). Same thing goes for especially in summer straw, worship earthquake other material that has been even adapted on clothes from top designers such as Dolce & Gabbana who have proposed for this season bustier structure very special and chic. I do not know if you ever happen to see mom, grandma or aunt work and knitting cotton yarn and then bring out doilies, bedspreads and anything else came into their mind. In the family, especially a few years ago, there was always a woman who loved to crochet work. ‘s crochet work have been a must in the past and that at the end of the 90s had peeped out again among the most fashion trends of the season summer. Even summer 2013 smiles to the hook but now there are no longer many ladies that work. Not bad! There are so many fashion houses offering clothing characterized by its details and inserts crochet!


Among the richest summer collections of proposals crochet, there is one proposed by Stradivarius . The wonderful denim jacket faded clear but perhaps a little ‘too much rock and casual. That made ​​crochet embroidery that decorates the shoulders makes it decidedly more feminine and chic. The same is true also of the shorts, the beautiful shorts in denim that have the front but also the back pockets decorated with floral motifs. The collection provides a myriad of Stradivarius crochet sweaters, those characterized by small inserts to those made ​​entirely by hand, as this that we propose in the image above.

Very cute and intriguing proposals from the summer collection of Talc . In the picture we suggest only two mesh inserts featuring crocheted white, the color must crochet, but the line is full of interesting and intriguing proposals.

The crochet hook, among other things, just in the 90s had invaded the fashion beachwear featuring many swimsuits. Colors were the most diverse, not only the total white, and this year was showcased in various collections, such as that of Yamamay. The bikini crochet Yamamay is a wonderful triangle pattern and slip with straps, featuring a delicious and super fashion gradient effect that goes from fuchsia water. What do you think of the clothing characterized by crochet work? Remember that you still have time to get hold of these leaders who are even now on sale, so enjoy!