To be beautiful, you know, you suffer. And the hair, in addition to being tedious, can be particularly painful. But for women to always feel nice and neat is a primary need. Being able to get the waxing sun without having to resort to force the beautician is not very simple. If you do not know how to do it the right way, in fact, the result is highly unsatisfactory: the skin reddens and will be covered by a multitude of pimples. In this guide we will explain what is the proper procedure to remove the mustache in the right way .

First of all, you should know that the skins are not all the same and is, therefore, difficult to find a remedy to prevent irritation that works for all. In general, we can recommend to all, however, do not wash your face with soap and no cream for 48 hours . We also suggest that you do the waxing in the evening, when you do not have to go out, to enable the party concerned to recover from the tear and to allow him to give vent possible pimples that may appear as an outlet. And yet, avoid waxing if you have to go to the beach. The rays of the sun on the shaved area could make reaction and cause redness.


For best results it is preferable to use the wax hot and strips of cotton. Put the wax on wax heater. Wait about an hour (the time of making waxing more liquid) and proceed by applying a bit talcum powder or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to disinfect the skin on the area to be shaved. At this point, spread the wax on the mustache with the aid of a spatula. Remember to cut the strip according to the size of the area to be shaved. Press lightly and then with a little strength (and courage) take a firm tug and fast.

If after waxing the area looks very red and burns you can move on the surface of a wet handkerchief or an ice cube A great solution is to apply aloe. Waxing Hot is definitely the most economical solution, but also the most risky for the skin because of the high temperature which can increase the risk of inflammation and itching Therefore, if your skin is particularly sensitive, you may want to opt for the strips in cold you can buy at the supermarket This alternative is more expensive, but preferable in the case of sensitive skin.