He portal aims to become a reference point for children and young people who wish to enter a permanent part in the show to work as models, fashion models, actors, actresses, showgirls, mannequins, models, and all those girls image professions nowadays have to do with the show and with the splendor of fashion , which are both fascinating but can be tricky if you face lightly, we will turn to boys and girls who dream to play occasionally these professions, but especially to those who want to get serious, and wish to pursue a career in fashion, show, cinema, theater and acting in general.

As for fashion, on the site are addressed all the issues that may affect the aspiring model and model; are described and detailed requirements to do the most appropriate models, in which you will understand that in the world of fashion is very important to have the physical requirements height, certain measures, and physical traits, but it is also extremely important to possess other qualities of character and propensity adjustment, travels and more; many are the qualities and traits to be developed to be able effectively to such difficult profession. It also dished out advice for those who wish to make models and the models with the most important steps in to play, agencies turn to, and tips on how to remove the bearing, a clarification on professions subtended by these terms, and various other information that will be certainly useful to the reader.


It is extremely important also for those who are entering the fashion way and in general of casting and auditions of the show, to rely on a serious fashion agency that embraces the aspiring model and model in the best and most transparent possible, it is also very important to the presence of a professional fashion photographer to accompany the models in the photo book or any composites in general and in the work personal and company that will accompany the aspiring models.

The portal also gives information about where to find online fashion casting, auditions for models on the various initiatives television and beauty contests, will be reported in a few different sites to find information about the world of the specimens in fashion, television, advertising samples, extras and other roles compatible with a casting on the internet. Additional Reviewed some of the main agencies of Milan and Rome .

On the site you will also find a section dedicated to acting with information, observations, and advice for those who want to be a director , and for those who want to become actors or actresses of success; in difficult, challenging and fascinating art of acting is all the more important to contact a ‘high school theater, followed by a review of some of the best theater schools of Rome and some of the most important academies and schools of theater and drama of Milan in which to learn the art of acting, on which sites you will be able to view the subjects of study and the detailed program of the course.