How many times we women happen to go match indecision of the choice of the cosmetic to buy, depending on the brand more or less expensive, depending on the function it performs, and often also according to the ingredients, which may be more or less healthy or chemical (the latter certainly do not help our skin). This applies to the tricks, especially for the foundation, and also for the products we use daily, such as body creams, typically used to nourish the skin, penetrating deep. This feature very often is not answered by the products commercially, so why not make a product, and in this case a body cream, made ​​totally in the home, with readily available ingredients, totally natural and effective?


First, let’s start with the weigh two butters, 30 g, respectively. Cocoa and 30 gr. and both in a bowl and store them. Subsequently weigh the two oils; ingredients are obviously found in supermarkets, but both can be replaced with other light oils such as rice oil or coconut one, with the same quantities. Let these solutions into the bowl with the butters, and let us to dissolve all the ingredients together in a double boiler on a stove over very low heat, just like we’re melting the chocolate. If desired you can ease your transition by placing the content in a microwave (it will be certainly more practical). Once dissolved oils we need to cool the whole, then we put the bowl in the freezer, when the solution begins to thicken on the board will be ready for the next step.

Now we need to blend the mixture to make the oils color cream, and a denser texture. We repeat the passage by placing it in the freezer for five minutes. The perfect consistency should be just like that of whipped cream, if the effect can not simply repeat the freezer-beater more times. Let us now proceed by adding two teaspoons of rice starch, easily replaceable with that of corn, and with all the other ingredients, mixing between additions and the other. The vanilla, the fragrance with vanilla, (resin that oozes from specific vegetable oils) will be used to give a pleasant smell to the cream, but wanting to be replaced by other fragrances, according to your taste. We place the mixture in the freezer for a minute.