The sensitive skin is problematic both in summer and winter. During the winter the cold contributes to drying out so well and increase the redness in the summer heat and humidity will cause more or less the same problems. To ride out the hot season and especially to have a face looking fresh and radiant with the hot weather it is important to carefully choose the products you use. If you have a sensitive skin should try to limit the stress factors for their skin, especially avoiding sun exposure in the wild, and should try to use only a specific formulations delicate and high tolerability.

The products against redness and dryness

Sensitive skin is particularly susceptible to the appearance of redness and the onset of dehydration with consequent dry. In summer, these problems are exacerbated by heat and by the heat and therefore important to use specific products that will help to overcome them and treat them. To reduce the redness cream is perfect Redness Solutions Daily Relief Clinique’s a fragrance-free product that reduces and prevents the classic red spots. For which has a thin skin and prone to redness is the perfect Creme Correction which helps to even out the complexion and soothe the skin. To nourish sensitive skin is very dry and perfect the Maison Bio Protective Cream , it contains argan oil and aloe that are a blessing to this problem. For sensitive skin proposes the Botanical Kinetics, a set of products including moisturizers and gentle is a must try the Moisturizing Milk. Finally, if you have a sensitive skin and your problem is dull you may want to try the Creme that contains the extract of gingko biloba activates micro circulation.


Tips to protect your sensitive skin

It ‘important to protect the skin sensitive so as to prevent it from drying excessively or that appear on the face reddening extended. The first enemy number one in the summer sun, but do not expose yourself without adequate protection and do not underestimate the risks in the city, ideal for this season is to use a special cream that shields from sun and pollution . If your skin would be irritated after exposure applied the gel of aloe , pure as possible, has a calming effect immediately. Avoid alcohol products in the summer because the heat tends to dry out the skin even more, for the boater day makeup mineral foundation that lets the skin breathe and components that tend not to irritate her. To beat the heat and help your skin to be fresh sprayed on the face and body of thermal water or water of cornflower, are refreshing and at the same time have a decongestant effect. Finally do not forget to apply a good moisturizer every morning and evening in order to provide the necessary nourishment to your skin.