Although we are still busy dodging mud puddles or snow boots trudging through the deep snow, it’s never too early to make ready to start thinking about the footwear in spring 2013.

Slipper slippers and sneakers

More comfortable shoes like sneakers or flat shoes come in any case never goes out of style, but adapted in appearance to the respective trends. Trainers should look like in the spring sports and new – vintage and dandy look is over. Super comfortable and modern in the coming year are also Slipper Slipper. Also known as “Pope-shoe” these are at relatively flat shoes, in which you can slip slightly due to a small cuff at the instep. Kept simple, but to be happy in paint gloss and bright colors a real looker. Both for the elegant woman and for the man to send

Flying high: shoes with heels 2013

Already in the autumn and winter 2012 were Platforms announced. This trend continues through sometimes even into the spring. Sandals and open shoes are also equipped with a 5cm thick sole. Besides some of the thin wedge heels stiletto heel is detached from the block heel. Whether in boots, ankle boots, loafers or heels: Chunky-acting block heels are the trend for the coming year. Also, the new collection of Garbo overview shows beautiful examples of a combination of block heel and leather boots. These ensure a better stance and gait of women and prevent a common sprain. Properly combined, they also create an impression of elegance at the foot of woman. Hidden Wedges the hidden wedge heel continues to play a role. Especially in athletic sneakers that are not really.


Colorful shoe selection

While athletic shoes may like to convince in bright colors and neon glowing, pumps and slippers in the spring of 2013, therefore, come a little more tender. Pastel shades in apricot, lime, mint and lilac, which look like a nice waffle ice balls are full, next spring adorn our feet. This is true and gloss varnish. Shoes should, in contrast to the previous vintage sleazy look, finally allowed to look clean and new again. Embellishments such as feathers or wood beads, modeled on the Indian look, then find more use of shoes in natural style. They are summarized under the name Focus Tribal Remix.