Beautiful in all seasons, with our fashion tips and trends. What are the must for hair for summer 2013? Find out by reading this article!

Sunny and hot do not give us pause, but we try to fight the summer heat while maintaining a neat and feminine. During the warm season short hair are certainly more comfortable, quick to settle and cool to wear, but if you love to bring a flowing hair you can play with lengths and beautify your hairstyles with hair accessories. As we have suggested in hairstyles trends for spring 2013 , this year it is fashionable to “dress up” your hair.

Here are the hair accessories that you can not give up . Hairpins and combs did not seek only to stop a more elaborate hairdo, hairpins classic evolve and become colorful, glittery and original shapes. Bring in view, in the same color clothing or to give movement to a simple crop. They can also be used by those who have short hair, to hold a cowlick or just to give a touch of light-heartedness to the cut. Same to use even for combs, ideal for stop or enrich a bun simple to choose bright for the evening or studded for a hint of punk rock. Headbands Certainly not the ones that you wore in elementary school, but the circles are back big time!


Replicated on TV from the rich and etiquette of Gossip Girl Blair, are now being carried on catwalks and social occasions by celebrities and starlets. Choose them to complete a thin tail or wider as protagonists of a hairstyle, fashion and just give them a little ‘details that are sometimes made ​​of colorful flowers or style Minnie. elastics tail Long live the tail, high or low, long or short! Gather your hair into a ponytail is simple, practical and feminine, especially using rubber bands originals, such as those with charms, rigid metal, of ribbons tied in a bow or simply a contrasting color with your own hair. Password: highlight and not hide! turbans and headbands chapels Protect from sun and wind is important, especially in the summer.

Whether in town or on the beach, perhaps to make a boat ride, cover your hair with a turban or headband. Bohemian and chic, these fabrics are very colorful summer, but be careful to choose them in natural fabrics and breathable, so let it breathe, the skin and the hair, which will release when it will be enviably healthy. hats The practicality of a hat lies in the fact that covers and protects from the sun head, hair and eyes, thanks to the visor or on the slopes. Play the girl with a baseball cap or a light straw hat, or immerse yourself in the role of a daring diva of another era by wide-brimmed hats under which hide a look posterior, which will launch at the most eye-catching signs appropriate.