It is true that the eyes are windows to our soul. A single glance in someone’s eyes can tell us a lot about them. Eyes can communicate a lot more then words can, and how they look plays an enormous role in our overall appearance. Just think, how we look when we get out of bed and the difference that a simple eyeliner or mascara can make. The eyes are the focal point of our face, that is why we pay so much attention to how they look and we are simply horrified when we get crow’s feet or raccoon eyes. There are many beauty products that make the eyes look fresh and young, but some of you might be too sensitive to the chemicals used in them. For getting rid of the eye wrinkles, puffy eyes and other eye problems the natural way. Try these 9 homemade eye beauty products hope you’ll be surprised and get wrinkle free eyes naturally.

Instant Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Reliever

wrinkle free eyes

Dark circles under the eyes is a clear sign that you are tired and no one wants that. Using make-up is a quick fix, but if you want to get rid of the tired look, make sure you always have a batch of this simple, yet effective puffy eye reliever ready and at hand, or more specifically in your freezer.

Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel

wrinkle free eyes

Putting cucumber slices over your eyes while relaxing is not just for show, but it is probably the oldest home remedy for rested eyes. If you don’t want to use cucumber slices, then you need this cucumber-aloe vera gel that you simply apply before bedtime and you’ll wake up looking fresh and rested.

Aromatherapy Eye Mask for Wrinkle Free Eyes

Sometimes all you need to look better is a couple of minutes with a soothing eye pack mask, but you are always forgetting to go and buy one. Well, now there is no need, because you can make this rapeseed and lavender eye mask, which will not only cure your swollen morning eyes but will also help start the day happy and relaxed.

Miracle Eye Serum

wrinkle free eyes

After a long day’s work, you still have to remove your make-up and sometimes that is enough to irritate your eyes just before going to bed, leaving you with swollen, blood-shot eyes in the morning. With this soothing miracle eye serum made from just a few ingredients, you get an all-in-one gentle make-up remover, eye cream and moisturizer.

Nourishing Under Eye Cream

The secret to preventing those crow’s feet from appearing is keeping your skin well moisturized, and this wonderful nourishing under eye cream is made from the best natural oils and butters. It might take a bit more time and effort to make, but it will be well worth it once you will get wrinkle free eyes naturally.

Firming Eye Cream

Made from oils that contain everything that your skin needs to regain and retain its youthful glow, this firming eye cream will quickly become your favorite homemade beauty product and will forever erase any ideas of ever using other products for erasing your wrinkles.

Comforting Eye Mask

Quick and easy to make, this rice filed eye mask can serve two purposes: it can help you with get your swollen eyes looking normal and fresh again and when heated can even help sooth the migraine you might have after a long day’s work. In any case it is a truly comforting eye mask.

Natural Ways To Treat Puffiness And Under Eye Circles

You might find yourself in a situation when you need to refresh your tired-looking eyes yet not be able to do so as you normally would. In those cases it would be good to know some of these clever and simple ways to fix your eye problems, like using tea bags or potato slices. They will save you in tight situations.

Eye Cooling Pads

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Sometimes you are so tired that you might feel that your eyes are stinging or burning. Then nothing will provide you better relief then a nice cooling pad. And since you’ll need one, use one that will not only sooth your aching eyes, but will also tighten the skin around them, like this heavenly cucumber and basil cooling pad.

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