How to match the vintage clothing for a sophisticated look but still hip? The answer is not simple because the personal taste plays a vital role in our look. However, the main rule is always “do not exaggerate!” When it comes to vintage look you always believe everything can go smoothly and that no specific rules, but it is not true! This can only be done at Halloween and carnival! Here are some advice to match the vintage clothes without risking being ridiculous or overly retro. The style first!

The vintage clothes, like all the dresses that you find in the shops , it must be tested and watched very carefully because it may have defects or be ruined. If you like vintage prints you can bet on heads of this type, with optical or geometric prints for a vintage 70s , or choose a classic little black dress or a flared jeans to take a dip in the 60s . Instead choose the flowers if you still want to go back in time and end up directly in the 50s . The vintage can be original, and traced in many markets or shops dedicated, or it can be reinvented, mixing the many proposals that mix of designers skillfully cuts and patterns retro tones and contemporary way to wear the garments. Even a white t-shirt , paired with a pant leg , repeated continuously on the catwalks, can transform us in perfect style icons such as Brigitte Bar dot, Audrey Hepburn or as if instead we opt for the classic sheath dresses blacks .


Vintage Clothes and shoes

If you purchase the vintage shoes would be good to match them not blatantly retro clothes. Better to do a little ‘mix and match so you have something vintage but also something modern or perhaps casual. The vintage shoes will look great with casual clothes or with a sheath dress for example. Moreover, the vintage will only work if combined in the right way. The shoe then, as accessory, it can also be made ​​in a manner inconsistent with the rest of the outfit, creating a fun game between future and past . Go ahead and then to the classic pump shoes with medium heel , wide and solid color, or the wedges , maybe in version espadrilles for the summer.

Vintage clothing and bags

The vintage bags instead of clothes a bit ‘more difficult to guess, are always good, but then for the bags there is a greater freedom. If you can find a bag branded vintage at an affordable price slum not escape! This bag can wear the virtually anytime, leave a legacy to daughters or granddaughters! The vintage Chanel , for example, are an institution and it is not impossible to find them: turning to markets will be certainly happened to stumble into mini shoulder bags with chain quilted in the classic black version , a real gem! But the vintage bags are also fine if you do not sign the important thing is that they are retro in the form, perhaps on average larger, and also in color, usually as basic as blue , black and brown . Match them is a piece of girls, especially for day look : jeans and jacket or better yet, dress with shoulder pad, and you’re done!

Vintage clothing and accessories

If we talk about necklaces or earrings or even bracelets vintage speech remains more or less similar to that of the bags: they are always very fashionable and also you can match these with more freedom but never overdo it. Vintage necklaces and earrings are usually very colorful, unless you opt for the pearls or semi-precious stones, which remain the most classic. It must be said that the vintage jewelry usually large in size, so a note of this rule somewhere really easy: If you choose the size vintage necklace as it were “important”, give up wearing the bracelets, if you choose a pair of glasses vintage glam and maybe limit yourself with accessories and bet on something inconspicuous and not too big. The retro sunglasses in fact are usually oversized , so be careful to choose them so that they are always in line with the shape of the face, not to risk the effect Sandra Mondaini … for eyeglasses instead you’ll be spoiled of choice! Cleared by Arisa , the mega goggles with super frames in view , they did forget the old glasses made ​​only of lenses. The frame in fact has played a crucial role and has become a main accessory in the look of every day. Well friends, you now have all the information necessary to choose your vintage look, what you’re up? Run shopping for flea markets or shops!