Be inspired by the 70 ‘s became a trend for fashion current and therefore also re-emerged bell-bottom jeans, typical of hippies and student movements of the period. The model of this type of pants, from a descriptive point of view, it appears large and Bell from the knees down. And even if you have purchased or are you of the idea of buying a jeans like this and you wonder what may be the most appropriate matching, read what I suggest below with readily available and wearable combinations.


* Elephant bell-bottom jeans
* Long-sleeved shirt with stripes
* White blouse or flowers
* Velvet jacket or cotton
* Wedge shoes or high heels
* High neck pullover

First look back to the origins of these pants, which date back to the early nineteenth century and seems to have been adopted as divided by the Navy, a very simple look can be to get a shirt-sleeved red and white striped or better yet, blue and white; and envelop you in a warm scintillate jacket with waist belt, vintage style.


If you want to suit up in the hippie culture of the 1970s, I suggest that you combine Bell-bottom jeans with elephant white shirt or if you prefer, even with a fancy huge flowers or tiny and wearing it over a ribbed velvet jacket or cotton, screwed and adherent, blue color or a color you resume the imagination of the blouse. And to top it off he wears platform shoes, big sunglasses and a spacious bag, without shoulder strap, to be worn under the arm, or adjustable shoulder strap, easy Postman.

And finally if you like a more sophisticated look without neglecting comfort, you can wear your jeans bell-bottom elephant with a high neck pullover very soft that can also make special simple trousers; or alternatively you can choose a model with classic-fitting turtleneck and enriched with a beautiful and long necklace or a lapel pin on his chest. If you want to then match a vintage style jewel, as of jewels jewels characterized by the presence of flowers or geometric lines or with wooden details, Indian style references. Therefore, wearing very long necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings made many metal wires and with the presence of beads, pendants and flowers. And finally use shoes to high heels but comfortable and soft suede jacket, perhaps opting for a hot and sunny color like orange.