The wedding is an important occasion for both the bride and groom to the guests so that, in either case, whether you are brides or invited , it is important that your makeup is, in this day, impeccable. This guide will help you make a make -up perfect that will allow you to show off a fresh look natural, but at the same time sophisticated and elegant.

First, it is important that the makeup is resistant to hot saw , which, for most of the cases, weddings are held in summer. First, the moisturized face and drawn immediately a spell, possibly from the orange shades , under the eyes to cover dark circles. Roll out, then, with your fingers or with a brush, the foundation , whose shades will largely depend on your complexion. When you have aligned your face with foundation proceed to define your eyebrows with a purpose cream that is water resistant. Draw out a small amount of a brush over and tap on areas of the eyebrows that you want to define and then by going to fade with rotating movements. Then set your foundation with powder, which must be absolutely the same shade, Rolando on your face with a sponge . By doing so you will be working very well your skin.


Go, then, in the eyes using a primer possibly opaque that will give a bright effect to the eyelid. Use a butter-colored eye shadow that you will apply on the eyelid and eventually to outline the eyes choose another color of eyeshadow slightly darker than what you have already used. Apply it on the edges of the eyelid and then by going to fade away with a clean brush . Take then another dark brown in color and apply it as close as possible to attach of your eyelashes, also on the lower ones.

Take, then, a pencil and copper assassinate on eyeshadow that you have previously applied Use of individual false eyelashes so that if you disconnect you will not be forced to remove the entire eyelid. Use a mascara, inexorably Roll out black, finally, on the face, a blush coral-orange For the lips instead you can either use a lipstick that a gloss is important is that the color is not dark but reflects a very faint pink so your lips turn out to be the as natural as possible The trick is finished and you can show it off throughout the day without fear that the passing of time or the heat can ruin them.