To become actors talent is not enough, that’s for sure and dusted. Yes you have to possess as it is fundamental desire with all themselves and have a great desire to play and a good dose of determination to do so. True, some talents in the acting world, are innate, some have special arrangements and vocations to play a role, and then recite fluently in front of an audience or in front of a camera. Qualities that are better defined, and if not treated, they can not take away, because to be an actor, it is good to know from the outset, with rare exceptions it has become increasingly important to study in acting school and work both.

Of course, each study must be carried out intelligently and the best way to do so is through teachers and highly qualified teachers who are able to enhance the talent to direct it towards particular paths of personal growth and above all professional. If you want to become good actors, in short, it is necessary or at least highly recommended to enroll in a good acting school and we must be wary of improvised and courses taught by professional resume by doubt: choosing a renowned school, an academy of dramatic art known and established actors in which they work and high-level professionals, schools that have churned out over the years famous actors and emerging talents. There you will find some of the leading drama schools in Rome and drama schools and academies of Milan , and of course are just some of the many available, we list for information, it’s your choice to suit your impressions among those listed and other acting schools that you will find on your own initiative and are operated by trained professionals. Although in all the big cities there are good schools to learn the art of acting, the heart of these activities can not be considered that Roma , especially with regard to film acting. If Milan is recognized by all major insiders the undisputed fashion capital of Italy, the same can be said of Rome is in the field of dramatic art, in our opinion questionable course.


Attend an acting school will shape not automatically actors or actresses, but at least to provide a solid foundation and tools to learn the techniques and the basics of this complex artistic occupation: the art of interpretation, and then acting. The teachers teach to bring out the expressive means that each student possesses artist, knowing how to adapt to the role, bring out their strengths and skills, and teach you to channel and adjust the scenic context. It will be through hard study and commitment, sacrifices that those who are truly passionate about is natural face, which will form the actors of tomorrow. The first step to deal with when you embark on a course of studies of this kind, in fact, affects your character both in terms of attitude, willingness to sacrifice, both at the behavioral level. You have to buy full self-confidence and their means , even if only potential (for the moment): an actor can never be convincing if first of all not sure of himself. The best way to buy the self-confidence is the action, exercise, study. This is a point on which the drama schools insist a lot, and usually the first parts of the courses cover this aspect, right in pointing to acquire full fluency in their interventions in the midst of other people to get used to the public in the event of actors theater. In this way, and effectively, can be searched within themselves the emotions to be expressed , and only from that research and inner security, which can be communicated to others, again from technical specifications and any styles that teach the teachers of acting with grace and professionalism in a practical, workshop and not only with theoretical insights.