The suit is the item of clothing universally considered as a symbol of feminine elegance and sobriety . Clothing which over the decades has resisted changing fashions, styles and cultures becoming a leader completely timeless. The suit is the female equivalent of the full men’s and can be worn on different occasions, especially when paired with the right clothing . As all of our clothes, even the suit should be brought following a few simple steps . With this guide we see then 5 mistakes to avoid when you wear this particular item of clothing .

wearing a suit

Like all heads of clothing also suit should be chosen according to their physical characteristics, buy one only according to our personal tastes would be a mistake. For example, those who have very pronounced hips should opt for a jacket long enough to cover them. Similarly, those who are slightly overweight will have to choose a model soft not too snug, possibly in vertical lines as is known have the power to slim the figure. On the contrary, the horizontal lines are indicated only for women more elongated. Even the colors are too light to be avoided by those with a few extra pounds. Skirts that cut the legs just below the knee will be fine for the highest. Take these small steps is more important to choose the right suit for us.

As well as to our physical, a suit is also adapted to the occasion. For a formal situation as a job interview or a degree will do a double-breasted suit with a jacket, very professional, both coupled to a pant that a skirt . The color will naturally be restrained, for example, black, gray or blue. For an opportunity rather less serious, but elegant, like a wedding day or a dinner out, we might opt for something more jaunty, like a suit with trousers in the building combined with a blouse in silk. The suit evening are reserved for major events that require a dress code very elegant. Such suits are in fact embellished with sequins, crystals or precious fabrics and lace inserts.

A look consists only of assets of the same color is a really very risky. Firstly because it is almost impossible for two or more garments can have exactly the same shade and a mixture of same colors in different shades it would be really terrible. Secondly, this choice is not very young. It is therefore preferable to match our suit to a shirt or vest of different color, better if in sharp contrast. For example, a light gray suit will look great with a black blouse, pink, purple or red, depending on the occasion. Better to avoid but the white and black, a bit ‘too obvious. Let us remember that there are also suits broken, compounds of two pieces of different colors or patterns, more imaginative alternative to the classic single-color full.

We must remember that it is compulsory to wear a suit always just as if it were a single head indivisible, in fact we can even break bringing the jacket with another pair of pants and vice versa. In this way our complete will be much more versatile and we could use it in many occasions. For example, the jacket will be perfect with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual clothing. Similarly, the skirt or pants may be used with a soft blouse and a coat in the coldest months.

When we wear a suit must be sure to have it combined with the most suitable shoes. First, we must remember that it is in any case an elegant dress, then you should avoid sports shoes of any type. The dancers are allowed only when the pants are a cigarette and when it is not a particularly formal. A heel, though small, is still recommended to avoid compromising the elegance of the look. Trousers or a pencil skirt palace necessarily require a high heel, to slim the figure. The sandals are probably not the best footwear to combine with a suit (though we can use them in summer when we wear skirts or pants without the jacket, but only a light shirt for example), much better to opt for an elegant neckline or at most a shoe with the toe open.