The sunglasses were born as an accessory to protect your vision of each individual from the rays of the sun too violent. Recently, they are also essential to complete your look and follow the latest fashion trends. In fact, almost everyone owns at least one pair of best sunglasses for men, because give class to the wearer. But it is not just a matter of style: special lenses may contribute to the well-being of the eyes to protect them from the sun’s rays and an excessive lighting. The sunglasses come in various shapes, various colors, various styles: some people use them to make sport, to those who improve their look or who simply wants to protect his eyes. Here are some tips to choose the form and right lenses, suitable for the use and need of every man.


The glasses are part of the look very personal. Choose the most suitable type is essential to feel comfortable and express their personality. The first thing to do is establish a budget and then to visit several stores that specialize in order to compare and test different models. Try different glasses and look in the mirror every time it is very important to see if we could find the right shape for us. Prices can vary greatly depending on the brand and type of materials used, it is recommended not to use those too cheap and poor quality reproductions of glasses because of poor quality or toxic paints can damage the eyes and cause skin problems. In any case, to get an idea of the colors and the most fashionable models you can find information on the internet and fashion magazines in order to find out the latest news from our favorite brands.

When we choose the sunglasses consider carefully on what occasions we will use them. If we do sports we will try eyeglass frames and specifications of materials suitable for these activities. If our eyes are very sensitive and we need a particular screen to UV rays will purchase the suitable lenses for maximum performance. Even the color of the lenses helps to filter the light in a different way, allowing them to choose a shield light or stronger. Then there are two major types of glasses with particular characteristics: the photometric glasses where the lens becomes lighter or darker depending on the intensity of the external light; glasses that possess degrading lenses with variable colors: in the part superior have a darker color to block solar rays , while the lower part is more transparent. The advice I give is to be advised by the optician to find the best product for your needs.

The shape of the sunglasses should not only be nice to see, but must be accompanied by well to the shape of the male face. A square face is enhanced with thin horizontal frames and rounded, while the lineaments round types prefer that lengthen the face, with high temples and lenses square or oblique lines. The triangular faces are softened with rounded and frames with little obvious. The elongated faces are balanced with glasses that tend to expand horizontally, in any case, it is preferable to try different types until you find the perfect one for us.