A windbreaker has as its primary purpose shelter from bad weather. Must be slim, light and waterproof. Today the best brands have designed jackets to wind, high technology and so beautiful to be entered to make part also of the urban style , style chic city also called “casual”. Now that all the best designers have created and adapted to all the needs of the customer. We find of any kind and type, color, size, padding and even interior accessories, so that we can match this head to our look. How can you tell if a jacket may be suitable to your look or when you go to the wear? How can you become a part of your look this gorgeous dress? Follow this simple guide and you’ll know how to choose what is right for you.


You have to tailor your jacket according to your needs. For example, if you participate in a sport where you stay in contact with the snow, rain, you should opt for a jacket durable yet lightweight. Nowadays there are jackets fantastic built in Outstretch or Power tex, durable but at the same time suitable for any kind of winter sport. These types of jackets can save your life, because they have a mechanism to transfer moisture away from your body on the outside, thus avoiding hypothermia.

If you prefer summer sports, where maybe from time to time increased from scorching heat to rain, you can opt for a beautiful jacket in ripstop. This summer hiking jacket is distinguished by its features: ergonomic hood and rolled pockets, sleeves with thumb loops (inch), external pocket and laser perforations for increased ventilation. The principle on which is based the tissues Ripstop and ‘to insert, more’ or less every 0.6 cm, a nylon filament more robust and with a larger section than the rest of the material, this means that, in case occurs, a cut has difficulty to expand’ cause confined between the filaments more robust, but without’ burden on the weight of the material.

If you were instead in very windy situations, such as walking in the hills or in some windy days at sea, you can opt for the Storm wall. The Storm wall has hydrophobic properties, l ‘interior is very soft and is very resistant to tearing. In case you’re in mid-season, now in all the stores you can also find jackets with short sleeves, able to give you a ‘good protection without making you suffer the heat. Built in duvet and Nylon. So to conclude if in case you’re fans of any sport you like or easy walks do not forget my advice.