Have you ever thought of wearing a tulle skirt? If the answer is no, then you know that this is one of the most interesting trends of this winter season 2014 ! That’s right, clothing born in the field of dance, popping up this year in some of the most chic collections of major fashion brands in the world. Sported on several occasions by celebrities on the red carpet, the tulle skirts are more and more often in everyday looks particularly chic: let us see in what way.


Many of you will understand immediately, to launch the trend of tulle skirts worn as casual clothing was Sarah Jessica Parker in one of the first episodes of Sex and the City has found its own walk-in closet wearing a skirt short tulle. During the series Carrie Bradshaw wore too long models, such as the enchanting turquoise very voluminous tulle skirt paired with a matching soft top, and variants choices even for the most elegant soirees. So here are the skirts of tulle return to be noticed as one of the most special trend of winter 2014, perhaps the most romantic and glamorous, is not it? But how best to combine the skirts of tulle without sounding too contrived?

The tulle skirts court, depending on their color, they are lovely when combined with top and long sleeves adherents. You can choose to coordinate a shirt in the same color and thus have a total effect on color or contrast to a head. In fact, the look is very popular in black & white, as you can well see by browsing our photo gallery of images, with more or less voluminous skirt and pumps in neutral tones like nude, or in the more classic black.

The black tulle skirts tend to have a more elegant appearance, so in this case we recommend a combination in total black, and if your tulle skirt is long over the knee, then this kind of outfit will be perfect for a special evening. The tulle skirts long, to be used strictly in heels to prevent squat figure appears, you can coordinate with tops and jackets of different types, from the blazer to the most stylish leather jackets, one of the outfits that we most often seen wearing the star during events casual chic.

In short, the tulle skirts are one of the diktat can not miss these last winter months, be inspired by the look in our photo gallery. Which one is right for you?