Knowing dress is much more to choose clothing that is within the so-called “trends”. These must (essential) of the season are very well for us to go to the latest in fabrics, colors or shapes but the most important thing when choosing a look is to know in a personalized way we have left well and what does not It favors us. Knowing our own body may be the most important trick to success with our styling. As much as we take a suit of Tom Ford himself, if he does not conform to our figure, it will not do anything and that is something we must take into account. A few weeks ago we brought you a special clarifying How to dress according to our height? in which we saw cuts and clothes that more favor us, today we present one framed within the rules of style but this time has to do with our complexion. How to dress according to your complexion?


Getting Started in the morphological study

As I said before, the most important to choose our wardrobe or a special design it is to know our anatomical complexion . Depending on body type that we will use different formulas that not only divert attention from the details not want to show it also will enhance those we like.

When going to a Personal Shopper This service is paramount because it works on the basis of this study, what’s more, I believe that every man should go to a professional to have it present because not only we study the body, we also know the structure of our face to choose glasses or most flattering hairstyles.

How many body types are there? Technically discuss three main types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. This perhaps may sound less but we may have heard of the terms: V, O, H, where in the first talk of people with broad shoulders and narrow waist, in the second case are referred to people with a rounder figure and the third the proportion is straighter. All are not of a particular type, mix two of each.