The eyeliner allows us to draw our eyes and give more depth to the eye . The classic liquid eyeliner is not very easy to use and for this reason the cosmetic companies have decided to give life to a cream eyeliner and gel eyeliner. The gel eyeliner are a real novelty in the world of make up, a news not to be missed. The gel eyeliner allow it to make a sudden very strong even when the hand tends to shake and dry very quickly.

Before finding out how to apply gel eyeliner is necessary to choose the right brush. The gel eyeliner in fact are sold without brush in a glass jar, a brush for the application you will need to purchase separately choosing the one best suited to the type of line you want to achieve. If you want to create with the eyeliner lines very subtle, they are as close as possible all attachment of your lashes you need to choose a flat brush. If you want to make the lines thicker and tails side to give more depth to the look you choose instead an angled brush. It is a very thin brush from the tip, similar to the one that is bundled with the liquid eyeliner. The final part of the brush, however, is slightly bent, the best way to create your beloved tails flawless and suddenly really decided. Finally, if you want to get a sudden sharp and really want to pull the line out you’ll need a brush oblique.


Collect with the brush a little gel eyeliner without soak in the product but blot. Remove excess product by placing the brush at the edge of the jar or blot on a tissue. Supports the brush on the upper eyelid trying to stay as close as possible to the eyelashes . Create a line that goes from the inside of the eye. When the eye line is almost finished moving the brush slightly upwards, so your eyes will appear much more intense and profound. We recommend that you do not create a single continuous line and consistent, creates rather many small sections next to each other. In this way you have the certainty that manage to create a precise and well-straight line , with time and with the experience then be able to create a single line in a much simpler way. To apply the eyeliner you have a steady hand , for this reason we advise you to rest your elbow on a flat, stable surface.

A line of eyeliner and plenty of mascara well crafted, these two products alone are more than enough to give the look depth and sensuality. If you have decided to make a trick, however, much more important, also using eye shadow eyeliner wait is completely dry before completing your make up. If you accidentally steps on all eyeliner still wet there is the possibility that they are in fact to create burrs.