This 66th edition of the Cannes Film Festival was simply sublime and full of surprises of all kinds. This year, the Galleries Lafayette did not fail to mention them. A nice surprise might say that the galleries have offered a professional makeup for guests. The makeup was done by the school Balzac Cannes, a true professional from a large school of aesthetics. After that, we also had photo shoot done by Fullstar Shooting on the bottom of the dome of the Galleries Lafayette Haussmann with the key of the Cannes Film Festival. Everyone could feel like a real celebrity to be photographed and by makeup professionals. For our Russian model Angela Donava, it was just a great feeling. She went to the Galleries Lafayette department store to select an outfit including a satin dress coral color brand Briefing with a white jacket of the same brand and a straw hat from the collection of Galleries Lafayette in Cannes. Not to mention the accessories that fit him perfectly delight; scarf brand Jodhpur, mini bag again and again in the collection of Galleries Lafayette in Cannes and stilettos compensated coral color also befitting wonderfully with the whole dress-jacket .


Our beautiful Russian model did not fail to attract attention to it. It is made by makeup school Balzac Cannes products STUDIO MAKEUP for a photo shoot well deserved. Simply beautiful and classy in his own words a classic chic style she says that you can adopt for a cocktail or trendy summer evenings. This latest edition of the Cannes Film Festival was a success on all points especially through services offered by the Galleries Lafayette in Cannes still present at the festival and there is no shortage of ingenuity and engineering to talk about they all years. Bring on the next edition of the Cannes Film Festival with more surprises for new emotions and more fun but also more time spent with our favorite celebrities for photos and autographs without speaking of fashion and parties always well watered. 60 years shared with our stars pleasure. The party can go on and everyone hopes that the festival will last forever over the years