Spring fashion 2012 remains to feminine dresses, striking transparency and floral prints. Also, the color green is in vogue.

While in this country warm autumn clothing dominates the windows of department stores, is on the international catwalks in New York, London and Milan already presented the airy spring fashion 2012th What’s hot next spring, you will learn in this article.

Fashion 2012: black and white look, transparent fabrics and optimistic green

Feminine dresses for several years experience a real revival. In the spring fashion 2012, it may not be missing. Gucci focuses entirely on the classic black and wants to see the woman of the world in flowing robes with a light transparency. Color, everything seems covered, only strong turquoise and warm orange visual accents. Green is online. Hardly a designer who has not discovered the color of its own. Of delicate lime green to deep emerald green the entire color spectrum is represented. Fendi favors Classic and puts his models in knee-length skirts and short-sleeved blouses with small collar. Jazzed up the outfit is suitable for office by a narrow silk tie.


Contrasts are also in demand. With a classic black and white combination woman can make next spring saw fashionably nothing wrong. Not lack even nude shades that are an inseparable part of the fashion world. Not only Max Mara has a penchant for nude and offers evening dresses, jackets and coats in delicate skin tone. Even pastel turquoise that is both blondes and brunettes, asked. The label Elena Miro shows feminine dresses in all shades of brown, with a rich mocha dominates. The partially color-blocking style dresses so come introduce yourself however in sensational combinations like red and pink, and are likely to be more appropriate than formal wear fashion daring.

Very portable: floral prints, retro and hip-length jackets

Blue Girl lets talk flowers and sends his angel-like models in hazy, transparent creations on the catwalk, which are printed all over with small-sized flowers. Very portable and eye-catcher are mainly feminine dresses and waist-length jackets in retro style that is clearly in the 1960s based. Shows a lot of courage to color designer Alberta Ferret ti. He not only has spectacular graphics patterns on offer, but sets with pink dresses and striking color highlights. Who can do with so much color nothing draws on tried and trusted. With a classic piece of clothing such as a trench coat is a woman in early 2012 attracted me at almost every opportunity. Only very few women on the other hand may be warm to the largely transparent creations by John Richmond. You are not only a perfect figure, but also a cold-resistant bearer ahead. Far more pleasing contrast, his nude colored gowns with transparent inserts and refined cocktail dresses in Pestilential with asymmetric shoulders.