Although we are still in the summer, the world’s leading brands have already presented the autumn-winter 2012. it should not miss.

Some of the trends of 2011 are still in vogue, such as using the colors gold, fur, lace and transparencies. The slacks have given way to the back with force Choppiness pants.


The vibrant colors that invaded the runways around the world during the 2011 Winter adapt to more subtle hues. Green, orange, purple, blue and yellow still fashionable to give joy to the coming winter cold. Orange Stomp the time of low temperatures. This color was seen in several parades either a total look or mixed with bright colors like fuchsia. The nude has been one of the most commonly used colors in recent years. Not all are encouraged to use it but combined with colors like black, green or red is spectacular. Color is very versatile, elegant and easy to wear. We will see in dress, skirts, T-shirts, shirts, shoes, handbags.


We’ll see floor length. It is a very versatile garment that can be combined with Choppiness pants for a more casual look. Can be used with mini dresses or long skirts and flowing for a more romantic and feminine look.

Trend mod

The mod style will be predominant in the winter season. It refers to a cultural movement that emerged in the ’60s on the streets of London. Saturated colors, clean lines, geometric and floral prints, are the key to this style. There will be a strong presence of patterned geometric, floral, and lunar particularizes in the coldest season of the year.


Pants and skins

The Chopin back strongly in metallic and shiny. The leggings or jeans hugging the legs are the best choice for the winter. Boot can be worn with or tastiness boots. The skins are still a great bet. They have been on several catwalks and in a variety of shades from the ground up classic color vibrant blue or violet.

Skirts and dresses.

Skirts tubes are incorporating this fall. They come in various materials and lengths. The idea is to achieve a silhouette that sets the body, achieving a sexy style and glamorous. Vaporous dresses used either knee, ankles or miniskirt.


The shoes are again pointed fashion. The brogue shoes s are retro 19th century style, are leather and imitate the masculine style, to give a feminine touch present with tacos. The sweet little ballerinas and continue during this season, comfortable and elegant. The best European brands had moccasins for those already tired of sweet little. these loafers can be leather or suede, with or without laces. The tastiness whether high or low-heeled, are a good option for those who want to be fashionable.

The boots tall reeds still with all this season in their version of riding or so high that pass the knees. Patent leather, gold and super high heels Disguise being the last fashions. This is a small preview of what we will see in the windows Argentina this winter. There are still a few months but it is important to know what are the new trends. Whatever the chosen style must always be taken into account comfort.