Fashion is the main stimulus for compulsive shoppers and is able to seduce even the most conservative, but have wondered why.

Fashion is the theme enjoyed by men and women of all ages, because this determines our appearance and status. Advertising trends make a product more attractive, for a period of time depending on their size and the number of buyers that achieves captivate becomes fashionable.

Trends in Panama

In Panama the fashion reaches a more noticeable, when we consider the effects of weather in our city combined with the geographical position of our country. As a transit country, with multiple connecting flights, a canal and a free area becomes the ideal place for merging global trends in fashion “to Panama”. Our climate is highly humid and we are a country bathed by two oceans, however both in malls and in everyday life we ??can find samples of the latest international trends, many of which are more appropriate to other more temperate latitudes.

The youth prefers the use of jeans, skirts, blouses and dresses like their favorite artists of rock music, pop or reggae ton. Young adults casual fashion combined with the executive as his office and position and is very common to use coats, jackets, boots and other because in our country shows two seasons: rainy and dry. Being a multiracial country that allows free cultural expression, local fashion is enriched by the cultural richness of ethnic African, Asian and indigenous, resulting in a rich combination and colorful design.


Styles and preferences

The cosmopolitan city gives way to the sophistication and the nightlife is the best place for young people to unleash their styles, has popularized the fashion “Animal Print”, which consists of dresses, minis, blouses and pants with prints, simulating animal skins. Among teens fashion “emo” is the most popular, which is the use of bangs, hair dyed in dark colors or multicolored shadows striking, patterned shoes in bright colors or accessories, especially the use of lots of bracelets . In recent decades it has saturated the market with children’s clothing that are replica designs for adults, which has forced mothers to seek specific boutique and shop where they sell items according to the age of your children.

This costume affects the image of girls, increasing their exposure to disease and child abuse. We should clarify that it is essential for your comfort children as it is the responsibility of parents to form the criteria of self-esteem and values ??that will shape their personality, as adults. Adults use combination of styles, where executives, since employees are usually uniform, the current trend is to use sweater with the logo of the company, which are combined with fabric pants or jeans. This costume is used in shopping centers, commercial offices and banking among others.

Fashion does not bother

It is a well-known saying among Panamanians who says: “Fashion is not uncomfortable,” referring critically to poor taste or inappropriate clothing for the exhibit without stopping to see if they favor their age, weight and other characteristics . Miscegenation in our country resulted curvy women and our cuisine is responsible for the extra pounds, so it is very important to find the right clothes. This should not be a problem considering that all products go through our isthmus.

The reality is that most of the merchandise is designed for other latitudes and here comes into play the versatility of Panamanian women and their ability to adapt international trends to their local environment, Remember when you go shopping, you should be aware of three things: the clothes should be comfortable, appropriate for the activity you are going to make and versatile, adjustment should allow combining style with accessories or other clothing.