The tennis bracelet is a jewelry classic that every woman wants to possess. Simple, noble and precious. Its value and its history are so well known that nowadays has become one of the most popular gifts from men. Its market price ranges from 50 € up to 20,000 € , depending on whether you choose a tennis bracelet worked with diamonds or with cubic zirconia. But if you want to save or if you just love this bracelet so much that he decided to make to you, follow this guide and find out how.

A special gem with an unusual name. The tennis bracelet comes as an accessory made ​​only and only with 750 diamonds and white gold embedded with each other on a flexible frame color silver or white gold. then view its growing and enormous popularity due to an unforeseen event, the jewel began to be played with cubic zirconia, diamonds, diamonds and Swarovski blacks by more vibrant colors. bracelet This fact owes its name to a tennis match. Particularly during a match of the U.S. Open giocatasi in 1987 , a tennis player named Chris Evert suddenly interrupted the game claiming to have lost his bracelet. It turns out that the bracelet in question was indeed a jewel in riviere of diamonds embedded on a flexible frame. Which is why we now remember the name of this accessory tennis bracelet. Previously, the tennis bracelet was generally called “eternity bracelet” with obvious references to the typical hardness of diamond and its purity. Yet even today the name of this gem has changed is its characteristic of being a bracelet without beginning or end just to show the ‘ eternity of pure love.


Making a tennis bracelet takes time and patience. First of all you will need to arrange a chain of rhinestones (17 cm), a half crystal (0.8 mm), two cover knots, 1.2 meters of cord (0.6 mm) and two pegs to T. Cut the hook in cover node and placed in one of cover node the nail in T . Cut the nail to 7 mm and created a small loop with pliers. Applied cover node then the end of the chain rhinestone (rhinestone enclosing the last), and strung another nail in cover node and half crystal. Create another slot and do the same procedures as before.

Then Create a node, far in half by the cord. then tighten cover node and half crystal. now pass the cord over the rhinestones and stick it in the space below . tighten and form a loop. proceed as before and do this processing for each rhinestones present. Arrived all ring terminal not satechi inside the cord. Now take the other string, pass it to the opposite eyelet and pull hard. For the next steps necessary to reproduce exactly the same process. Finally make a knot with one of the threads that you have used over the other wire and tighten. Create a node with the two wires used and tighten forming an eyelet which will serve to pass the half crystal.

Your personal tennis bracelet rhinestone will be so completed . Do not pay an arm and a leg and in return you can brag to your friends that your achievement always fashionable. .