Fendi made ​​his debut for his fashion show with a surprising return and discounted: Fendi with it back to the man in the fur coat posing, almost cheeky. Presented in many different versions, lengths and colors, such as fur, large, clear length that reaches the basin, it is absolutely elegant, followed by a long black fur ultra almost to the ankles with a mood almost Gothic and mysterious, and if the coats are not made ​​entirely of fur, it is the star. We find, however, in the details of coats as in the neck, in the padding inside, as well as in my boots.

The coats have large volumes, reads almost like a willingness to be bulky but lightly: the fabrics chosen and those are absolutely sophisticated, sober Fendi for a man who presents himself for the coming Fall / Winter 2013-2014 as a gallant man, of class, modern but that makes its presence felt. Among the accessories bags, big bags / envelopes for documents, PC, enhanced with important details such as, still fur, or leather processed with vertical twists, or maxi hand bags. The colors used are known mostly black, shades of gray and then touches of bright color and intense always warm and welcoming, as sunset yellow, white, cream, red, blue.


Not only solid colors for knitting, but also fantasies Scottish, or diamonds colored red, yellow, light gray, and sweaters solid lines urban chic embellished by working on any fabric. Sweaters alternating hills sweet life in big high collars very thick.
The men’s clothes are defined by square lines and double chests, sublime colors that reflect the fascinating color somewhere between medium gray and blue. A collection proposal for an elegant man but never banal or predictable, a man who loves style staid and linear with a touch of wit, originality and color almost as if to break the daily routine to establish itself once again.