In the book “The Devil Wears Prada,” it is precisely this topic. A young writer finds himself in the drafting of a fashion magazine soon and will have to adjust his style bland and anonymous, that of her colleagues, always at the top. Of course, in this example we are dealing with a case in exasperation, but there is no doubt that there are rules look to the workplace, especially in a very formal office, as in a bank, administrative offices, law firms, and more. Below we will discuss the specifics of dresses for the office during the summer.


First, let us see what are the classics to avoid. Of course, everything we wear to fit comfortably at home under the air conditioner or at the beach on the shore. So shorts, tank tops, tops, skirts, flip flops or shoes from the beach, sun glasses, and anything that might give us an area trash, such as tummy discovery, multi-colored prints. For hair, pony tails to avoid improvised and flannel. The trick is to be adjusted it too much, nor too little. Avoid heavy colors especially if you are tanned, and still better not to abound with foundation and mascara, which would melt in the heat.

What you can wear instead? Sure summer, even in the presence of an air conditioner, the suit is not just the maximum, for which the head is the most versatile and lightweight shirt. In all its variations, linen, cotton, silk; long and short sleeve. Or blouses that are very comfortable but at the same time do not lose style and elegance. Both of these leaders may be accompanied by light trousers, carpi or longer; or even a pencil skirt, or at least just above the knee, if the body allows it. The shoes, strictly, with a little ‘heel, in the case of an office formal, while in a place of work more sober, you could also use moccasins or sandals lowest.

As for the hair, if you are long, you can tie it in a bun DIY. The makeup should be light and soft colors, so that it enhances the tan. If you can not make a coat of foundation and mascara, take those long-lasting, resistant to hot. Any advice, finally, goes to the men, so the same rules listed above for what to avoid. As for what is given to them just follow common sense. Long pants, light and clear, accompanied by shirts with short sleeves, but they are classy. Closed shoes, read, type moccasins summer, you can avoid the socks.