The spots on the skin are usually the signs of aging, frequently experienced by people over the age of 50 years. They appear, however, even more young people, on the face, hands and shoulders. It is brown spots, also known as age spots and are a reaction to exposure to sunlight called photo aging. The white spots may be caused by fungal infections. In both cases, it is always recommended to visit the doctor before choosing a solution to remove the problem. The dark spots may be, also, a problem of women in the period of pregnancy , caused by hormonal change, while the pill is administered or different antibiotics. Children are also prepared: their skin is thinner and more sensitive and needs a special care. The spots are on the body due to the interference contrast between the melanin, which protects the skin care, and another factor.

Nowadays, you can find out the causes of the appearance and have a complete diagnosis of the skin thanks to a technology that the photographer in depth and offers a clear analysis. For prevention is always recommended to use a cream that provides sun protection with high UV filters, appropriate to the age and type of skin. Natural remedies also help you this time. The lemon, olive oil and sparkling water are natural friends of the skin and can prevent the appearance of spots.


To remove stains there are various solutions such as laser , peeling or cream. A cream suited to this type of problem must be based on vitamin E, because, being a strong antioxidant, fights free radicals. In the period of pregnancy is not recommended to administer drugs in this sense, but results can be achieved by trying natural solutions or a cream based on vitamin E or antioxidants. It is possible that once the baby is born, the hormones return to their normal levels.

A chemical peel is considered a good solution, for each degree of depth exist different treatment Tetrachloride acid is used for severe problems or medium, glycol acid for surface stains and mandelic acid for complete cleaning the face in the summer. The laser is the most used for the removal of stains and is considered the most valid, with the certainty that the loss will be final A laser treatment for remove stains costs around 1000 Euros, but this detail becomes secondary when it comes to beauty Sometimes, we use the same type of laser used to remove tattoos.