Here are ideas galore to look beautiful. Natural products, homemade, best and worst brands to work your skin, hair, nails. It is a manual infinite, expert opinion, or girls who have tried and want to share their experience. In short, in terms of beauty tips it is not necessary to look far, because it is immediately on the web, magazines, specialized blogs. But very few dare to publish or advise some beauty methods that leave the common stereotype. It’s quite a daring, even for those who do publish these rare beauty tips that should encourage you to try.

Stool for facial

No joke at all. We’ve heard it all, but applied manure in the face? No way! Yes, it has been used and is still being done and the best spa in the world. Such is the case of the Shizuka Day Spa in New York, where for porcelain skin look inspired by Japanese geishas, ​​using poultry manure. These are sterilized and trampled into dust, then mix them with rice and water to remove the smell. The benefit of excrement for skin is that it has natural enzymes that break down dead cells. Would you would you encourage?


Long eyelashes all the time

Who does not like to wear a long lashes, sexy and irresistible? But precisely, few deny that the cleansing, or even worse, with a dark dawn under the eyes, drinking product mask. To avoid these inconveniences and disadvantages, have launched a novel eyelash enhancers, to improve the length and volume of lashes. Apply on the eyelids, as if it were a liquid eyeliner, and acts directly on the growth area of the tab. While the price is not very accessible, worth a try if you’re a crazy voluminous lashes.

Push-up to the tail!

It is known that men not only watch women breastfeed, but also the tail. Virtually all subroutines use bras or push-up or bow to lift or breast augmentation. But the innovation is that now some brands of lingerie has been manufacturing underwear that increases the size of your butt. Models for all tastes can increase from a few millimeters to a few centimeters, made of foam or silicone filler materials. Girls, there for all needs.

Organic makeup

The nature care worries many. If beauty is, no way: organic makeup has become increasingly popular. But these products are not only organic, but also are not tested on animals, no alcohol and even their packaging is recyclable. If you like to see beautiful caring environment, this is your chance. These are products and innovations that not everyone speaks. Some give a bit of disgust, others will be too exclusive, but day by day it is shown that when it comes to beauty, there’s always something new.