If we were to give a nickname to Karl Lagerfeld might be the Last Emperor. With Valentine’s Day, which is bound by friendship and respect, representing high fashion European and that talent that only they are able to express to say no loss, uncertainty or error. The history of Lagerfeld began in the fifties, when only 22 years old can take their first steps in fashion: first by Pierre Balmain then by Ives Saint Laurent. Karl comes from a very wealthy family of industrialists, the paternal grandparents ran a business bank and the parents made their fortunes in Germany by introducing condensed milk. The comforts are therefore never been lacking, but they are also needed to cultivate this visceral passion for fashion.

He worked for many fashion houses, including Krizia, Ballantyne, Fendi sisters, before arriving at Chanel. In 1983 he was appointed artistic director of the house and the role that continues – with success-to be filled. For Chanel was really a wise choice, because Karl was able to collect the inheritance Coco and at the same time impose his charisma. In 1980, Karl tries to establish his own label, throwing clothes but also perfumes. Here perhaps this was the only flaw in his career, because he can not establish itself in the market. They are, however, very prestigious collaborations with international labels, from H & M, for which he created a limited edition for him and for her sells out.


In 2004, designs the costumes of many artists, including Madonna, for the Re-Invention Tour, and then the Showgirl Tour of Kylie Minogue. Karl Lagerfeld in 2005, participating in a reality show in France, Signe Chanel (broadcast in 2011 in Italy). But his career is full of events and passions important as the diet that allowed him to lose 40 pounds, his skills with the camera, the latest extraordinary collections Chanel. ‘s no coincidence that just last year, the wax museum in Hamburg the panopticon has paid tribute to the designer, with his statue.