Every woman loves to be always mindful of the look in a different way and each tries to make his face making it bright and in some cases also very showy. Most women tend to hide thanks to makeup, defects or imperfections of your face so giving themselves a very natural complexion that will be the face of almost perfect. In addition, the make-up fell in love with women of all ages, with the majority of adolescents in fact already started to wear makeup to look pretty young, and sometimes because they want to be bigger. Similarly all the other girls and older women use makeup to enhance your features and accentuate them with tricks that make their face flawless and radiant. The products used are many and also all the cosmetic companies that produce them, but every woman can use them to realize what are the most suitable for your skin type and color, and above which technique to use to enhance the value of his face. Since we are in the phase of winter conditions, will talk about the make-up used in the cold season.


To illuminate the face this season the main colors are the most vocal, in order to continue to shine despite the cold. Are then chosen color metal for those who may prefer to exaggerate a bit, but a choice may be to focus on colors like electric blue, coral red, bronze, and even green. To ensure that there is a greater point brightness always remember to apply a light eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye. To give further definition to the trick I suggest you focus on eyeliner, apply it on the eyelid along the lash lines with short and if you want an even more intense you can just go over the eyeliner. Do not forget to also focus on the mascara, strictly black and volumizing to enlarge even more your look.

Following remember to brighten your face or extending the illuminate, or blush (blush) on your cheekbones using soft colors like bronze since the purpose is to make his face shine and sculpt a profile that will allow you to always be the center of attention. The last step involves the lips, you should never forget to be always moisturized with a lip balm, and it is recommended that you use super moisturizing lipsticks so protect your lips even with the low temperatures. How color for your lips you may choose shades of coral and fish, but also in shades darker. It important to remember to apply a lip liner to accentuate the volume of women who have lips thinner. I hope these tips will be useful and will help in choosing your makeup flawless in this cold season.