Nails can sometimes be overlooked. Along with our hands, they receive the most abuse during work typically, whether it be encoding data or typing or retyping long and rigorous manuscripts. Today we focus briefly on how to start the right nail makeover.

With that, our nails aptly deserve to have a vacation of their own, and what better way to treat them than from the ground up.

Nail care can be very simple in the eyes of an onlooker, but a great deal of work goes into maintaining a good and healthy state of nails that aren’t just healthy but a sight to look at.

Here are a few tips to treat your nails right and how to do it.

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Start with the basics

Proper nail care requires proper maintenance, meaning that nail biting is a definite no-no. Not only does this damage your nails, but it can also prove to be a dangerous stress habit that might cause you to just nail bite your way out of a stressful situation.

Not only does it look icky, but the sheer act of it looks very unsightly. Learn to treat not just nails properly but your hands, and your entire body as well.

Use moisturizer to make sure that you don’t have dry hands, as dryness of the hands can lead to peeling of the skin around the nails. And I bet you know how painful it can be to remove that pesky loose skin.

Get Creative

It might seem like a daunting task but a lot of creatives and professionals style their own nails.

Not only does this mean that you can flaunt the fact that you did your nails all by yourself, but it also shows that when it comes to fashion, you yourself can bring out the best of you through your own statement.

From basic lettering, shading and figure-drawing to anything that your mind can think of, you have the power to make a creative masterpiece on the canvas that is the very tip of your hands.

Or find the right product for you

If you think doing it yourself is too big of a task, you can opt to buy press on nails that come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

When it comes to styling for the right occasion, sometimes you will have to go through options to find what color palette matches with the same outfit that you want to wear.

Choose a brand that showcases a wide variety of shades to fit your liking. We’ve tried imPress Manicure by Christian Siriano featuring a wide variety of nail designs and styles straight from the runway to you. Find the nail kit that best fits your style and personality.