About shaving can never know enough. What trends also require (then again a beard a few days, then again and trimmed short film), a clean-shaven face skin remains the favorite. Cared for, clean and young. And then also soft and very pleasant for women. Did you know that stubble a sensitive woman skin with just the fleeting touch of a friendly kiss on the cheek can irritate already?

It is not only for the women you coast important that you shave, but also for your own skin. Shaving is an act several times a week, perhaps daily, come back and if you’re not careful. your skin can irritate or even infections can cause. Every man knows the difference between a razor and low quality. It is a difference of night and day. Choose a razor that good and heavy in the hand so you can maneuver well. Prefer razors with replaceable blades. The so-called disposable blades are generally of lower quality.

The blades of the past only had a knife and now belong to the past. The introduction of a double razor blade marked a major step forward because the hairs are in a shaving motion were cut twice. This reduced the number of strokes per shave reduced, which means less friction between blade and skin, and thus less chance of skin irritation. Another positive development was the addition of a sliding layer of moisturizing strip with soothing oils and sometimes aloe vera on the skin which allows the blade glide smoothly over the skin and the skin is simultaneously provided. Now there are even razors with five blades and special springs allowing the shaving movements more focused and smoother and the friction with the skin to the minimum limited. Choose a nice shave at least a razor with multiple blades and a sliding strip.


Throw your razor after shaving unattended on the sink. Your blades stay fresh longer if you treat it with springtime. Your wallet (quality razors are expensive) but also your skin because it is expedient for shaving not only the quality of your razor holder is important, but also the condition of the blades themselves are located. We arrive thus at the core of this article. For optimal shaving performance you need knives in optimum condition.

Keep your razors therefore always in a dry environment to prevent rusting (not, as we said at the edge of the sink or in the shower). Rinse the razor after use, and clean thoroughly (remove the residues and especially between the blades are left). Store the razor than in a drawer or in the bathroom cabinet. Let the blade not drop, it strikes against something. Damaged blades do not give good shave. If you are good shave, remove as much as possible (all) hair and minimize little skin. Ideally you would razor only once on each area of your face should achieve. Pull the skin smooth and practice in any event to minimize pressure on the blades out.