The sand, the sea and a sunset can be the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding. If this is your case and you decided to have your wedding on the beach, do not miss these fabulous trends for beach wedding dresses.

A beach wedding offers many advantages to a traditional wedding. The sea breeze, the sand, the sea and its fabulous sound give a very warm and romantic setting , great to celebrate your new union and also for great photographs of your wedding.

Dresses for a beach wedding are different to traditional wedding dresses, and if you have not yet decided which dress to wear, here we have prepared some tips to consider when choosing it.


Lightweight fabrics . Best for a beach wedding is to use lightweight, breathable fabrics and steamy, particularly a sweat in the heat and sun. The gauze or cotton are excellent choices for a beach wedding dress.

Styles. If you like necklines then do not waste the opportunity to use them. A beach wedding dresses is suitable for use with both front and back necklines, but it is not excessive care and seeks above all elegance. Greek style dresses, skirts or strapless different lengths and layers go very well made ​​with a wedding on the beach.

The veil. At a wedding on the beach is not recommended to use a veil, especially since the wind can be annoying and end desperateness. But anyway if you want to use it can. Try to be a heavy veil that is not easily stir the wind.

Hairstyle. The humidity and wind from the beach can be your worst enemy, especially if you want to wear my hair. It is best to use a hair up, and if you want you can add a headdress to wear a look even more elegant.