The lips are one facial feature much appreciated by both sexes. Symbol of femininity and seduction , is a very desired by women, who, looking at the soft lips of Angelina Jolie, dreaming of a perfect mouth and sexy. For this reason, they are every day increasing interventions to Botox cosmetic surgery or injections of acid hyaluronic. These remedies are, however, expensive and invasive and if the result does not prove to be satisfactory are difficult, if not impossible, to turn back. We offer the following tips to make it look fuller lips with make up or with simple tricks and routines to follow.

First, it is a widespread habit among the stars massage the lips with a toothbrush. Grinding the toothbrush on the lips, in fact, not only eliminates any cuticle, but it also strengthens the skin, causing an effect of turgor.

Secondly, it is necessary to resort to make up. After covering her lips with a thin layer of concealer, with a pencil of the same color lipstick that you will use later define the lips, making sure to mark the line slightly above the natural lip line. Order to avoid a old-fashioned, it is advisable not too mark the line with the lip pencil and indeed, feather it inward. At the end of this operation, apply the lipstick color that is like using a brush, marking especially the downtown area. Apply, then a thin layer of lip gloss, insisting on the central part of the lips.


Many women do not like the lipstick in make up every day. In this case it is advisable to draw up a constantly cocoa butter, making sure to select a natural product with no additives harmful to health. Cocoa butter, in fact, not only slightly glossy lips, giving the impression to increase their volume, but protects them from the effect caused by the dry weather. This condition is a major cause of the lips ruined, which is not that thin lips at the sight.