The boots are a must-have accessory for women especially during the winter season . In addition to keeping us warmth, are indispensable for those with cold, rain or snow just can not (such as blame them) to use the classic decollete. So let’s see how to match the boots assuming different types of outfits .

To go to the jobs listed are the ones that come just below the knees so you can be disguised under the pants of a suit. You can then opt for a high heel , not excessive (must not exceed 10 cm at least at work) or for a boot that has at least 2-3 cm heel. If you decide to wear a skirt , the choice is banned miniskirt-boot: acclimatisation choice for both young girls and women more mature! You will then need to orient to the choice of a straight skirt to the knee or a skirt a bit ‘more flared bell-assuming you do not go over the knee otherwise you would incur the risk of sounding cut.


For an elegant evening , prohibited are long boots that come to your thighs! Surely for an elegant evening boots will not be fully recommended but in case you do not want to just give them is good to avoid the short boots ankle and prefer the classic boot leg height. Although the little black dress requires the decollete, you can opt for the boot, when the evening has an informal tone, provided it is low (almost level with the ground). Although you probably will not include the category of boots, ankle boots could be a viable alternative to complete a stylish outfit .

For a day of shopping, cinema with friends or dinner you can choose the boots that you prefer: the short one ankle to use with your jeans or leggings inside, where classical and timeless Ugg for a look casual. Multiple combinations can be but it is good, however, never exceed!.

With regard to the choice of color you can indulge: this aspect there is no rule. The black boot is a “must have”, so it is good to have in their wardrobe; boots in shades of beige, dark brown or leather look lends itself to many, most of which, however, remains in the field of casual. In fashion there are no precise dictates, but the thought that we must always keep in mind is to choose everything with gusto!