The bags you know, are the best friends of women, would be lost without them. All objects that they bring with them, the accessories which can not do without it, they would not know where to put them without a bag appropriate to hold them. In the market there are all the colors and patterns that meet the needs of anyone, but it is not always possible to find what one is looking, so sometimes it is good to create what you want with your own hands. Have you ever thought of making your hands with an original bag with the simple shell coconut? If you have thought about but there seems an enterprise so easy to realize, here are a guide that will certainly give some inspiration to realize easily your handbag “unusual”. This guide will explain how to make a handmade bags, with a few simple steps and in a fast and simple .

handmade bags

The first thing you need to realize our purse, is to procure two half of coconut shell . It does not matter that the edges are not perfectly smooth. If you want to cut yourself the shell of the coconut , you could try with a vice, on which lock down the coconut, and a saw or a circular saw, obviously being very careful. Once you got the two halves of coconut, proceed to remove the pulp and clean it up outside of fluff, then proceed letting it dry in the sun perfectly.

Once dry, you can choose to do his thing: you can make a previously bag of cloth to fit with the interior of one half of the shell of the coconut, then, once the interior of the shell is dry, you can paste the bottom of the bag the bottom of the coconut shell with the simple adhesive vinyl, or you can enter the bottom of the bag of cloth inside the shell and, with a bit of hot glue, paste only the edge on the shell of the coconut. Once you have done this, you can also choose not to use the second part of the coconut shell. If you wish to make a bag with coconut shell that remains perfectly identical to a real “coconut”, here is how to proceed.