Many girls dream of a professional future in the world of tricks and make up. Even in the world of blogs and in the world of YouTube there are several videos made ​​by teenagers who are passionate about tricks and colors offering tutorial proposals and makeup. Some of these very good and professional. How to turn this passion into a job? Let’s see how to become a professional makeup artist.

how to become a professional makeup artist

Study and practice. Like every profession and craft worthy of respect, it is essential to have basic technique, theory and practice in order to implement your ideas and your creativity ‘. In Italy it is developing this area and beyond traditional schools beautician and especially private professional courses – often without an internship in the company – we do not find an education more current that goes up with the times and the accompanying economic needs of young people interested in this profession or offering proposals “futuristic” tailored to the needs of the future job market. Surely, if you hold a lot to this profession and want to enter the professional world through school, you can ask some academies in Rome or Milan that offer courses make up Professional is suitable for those who want to enter the world of make- purpose film, both for those He wants to engage in more sophisticated makeup for weddings and ceremonies. These schools, in most cases, they also offer internships and placements abroad. For a complete training and safe, you should speak to foreign cities like London or New York that are home to this type of training and professional category.

Therefore, the practice. Like any discipline, you’ll have to practice every day. Even before attending a training or vocational academy. Thus, experiments on friends, acquaintances, other artists, but also young photographers, stylists or actors who need your help, offer. Even for free or for just a few Euros. I assure you that you need it. You’ll have to do a lot of mess to get to become famous. And in this way you will have the chance ‘to field test your skills and your character.

Promotion – Be your spokespeople. That’s how many famous make up artist got jobs, contracts and proposals for collaboration in Italy and abroad. Learn and put the public aware of your notions. There are some clear examples of some girls who thanks to YouTube have managed to make their way through the way they expose themselves and their creativity ‘and originality’. And from YouTube, they ended up directly on TV, getting a space exactly where the television at home, advise, and help young women in their aesthetic indecision. Good trick!