Tatting Lace is made ​​up of nodes processed in groups on a wire connecting them to formal rings or arcs . The origin of this type of work is not known, but it is assumed he was born in France where it is known by the term frivolity . Tatting is primarily born with white and ecru , even if today you are using a bit ‘all colors, for example, is the widespread use of red for Christmas decorations in tatting. This type of work is used today primarily for jewelry, especially earrings , necklaces as well. Largo use of tatting is also seen in the decoration of layettes for babies, for doilies or even bed sheets and tablecloths.


Tatting involves the use of a basic instrument for its implementation, this instrument is the shuttle. It has an oval shape and the two ends are touching lightly to prevent the leakage of the wire from its position. Some shuttles, at one end have a stinger that is used during processing to the steps of the wires. For the processing of cotton tatting, it is necessary to use a twisted pair of very thin but strong.

The starting point of the work of tatting is the simple knot . Achieve it, the first few times, it’s not really easy, but do not despair, with a little ‘practice you will become very good. Let’s see how to make the knot simple: you have to hold the thread between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand , wrap it around to the other fingers and pass it back between his thumb and forefinger , and made ​​a kind of circle. Then you have to pass the thread on the little finger of his right hand and pass the shuttle through the ring. Then you have to let slip the wire from the little finger and pass the shuttle between the thread of the shuttle and the initial one.

At this point we have to bend the middle of the left hand to loosen a bit ‘the wire ring and pull the shuttle resulting in a half- node from the initial thread and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Now we need to form the other half of the node working reversing the succession. To realize the picot you should leave a little ‘space between a node and the other, while holding between his fingers did the last node, you have to pull the thread of the shuttle, the nodes will move closer and more strand will form the picot.

A few times we learned well how to do the simple knot and picot, we can say that to a good knowledge and realization of tatting. Of course, to run a job in tatting, different patterns can be performed, however, all share a set of arcs and circles, both figures made ​​from the basic elements: nodes and picots. The difference between the circles and arcs lies in the fact that the circles are performed with a single main shuttle , while the strings with two shuttles, one main and the other support. These techniques apply equally to the realization of earrings that any other type of decoration in tatting.