Fashion of the moment, which comes from the past! All crazy for these special earrings!

Jewelry, jewelry and precious objects often enrich the summer outfits, simple and light. You have already spotted the new trend summer 2013? It’s called ear cuff and a special earring that “traps” the ear . need not necessarily take it to the hole and, if you like, you can choose from many styles, also taking inspiration from the famous stars who love to wear it. Ear cuff, a seen To those of us who lived through the teenage years in the 90s should be sounded a bell in memory, in fact these particular earrings were fashionable at the time already and have now returned to the fore.


The ear cuff were seen both on the catwalks of different designers for the spring summer 2013, both ear star of the show and the music and now we find them for sale in Italy, in the shops of jewelry or international chains such as Zara . were born as a female ornament Eastern Europe, passed in the West as an accessory on the style punk rock, a little girl from ‘rebel, but today have been revised and available in many different styles. need not necessarily have an ear hole to take them, because There is some support, others wrap, others are twisted and some just have a light on the lobe, connected with one or more helix chains, the upper and cartilage of the ear.

Choose a design of ear cuff to tip or representing a dragon, if you like fantasy style, opt for an ear cuff with colored feathers fluttering, for a hippy chic look, buy an ear cuff with rhinestones or pendant, if you love the light and give prominence to a sober look. many types of ear cuff for many styles of women. How do I wear the ear cuff Being an accessory rather important, choose a minimal clothing . The ear cuff it leads to only one ear, not both, and the advice is to stand out with a hairstyle collection and asymmetrical, which leaves uncovered the ear wearing it. Do not try to combine it with other jewelry, as this may effect an excessive and redundant. For the rest, you dare!