The body painting is the art of painting on the body with acrylic paints, tempera or henna . It is very similar to a tattoo, but unlike the latter has a temporary duration (this also depends on the colors used). It is an art nice, particular but also very complicated. If you are attending a special event, pose as a model for a photo shoot , go to a party (perhaps in mask), you can make “tattooing” the body with any type of design. The effect is really amazing! By now, this art form is spreading more and more and more often is preferred to the classic tattoo just for the momentary stay on the body. Here’s how to make it happen.


Certainly the body painting is practiced by competent persons as a make up artist, a painter or an artist. So it comes to color the body making drawings of any type and size with the possibility of applying even more sparkle or to create special effects. First, we must say that you should apply a bit ‘of moisturizer if you have very dry skin. There are different types of body painting: face and hand, face and hands and the colors are dosed on the body or with your fingers or with a brush or with an airbrush. This art is derived from tribal customs African, American and Indian. In antiquity, the colors used were natural ones, such as ash, clay and other vegetable matter that were applied with the brush or with your fingers.

The first experiment of body painting modern dating back to 1933, when the makeup artist Max Factor put on make a model and then expose it to the World’s Fair in Chicago. Following this event, however, were both arrested. This technique is used also and especially to create special effects, in this case is used to implants that may be small or large. The first are applied to small parts of the body, eyelashes, fake nails and teeth, contact lenses, elongated ears, whereas the latter are: faces created using casts, caps for the head, severed limbs fake. Of course, it is important to choose what you want to accomplish on your body. However, you can also help preparing in advance of the stencil with the shape of the design you want and then use it as a guide for the creation of the work. Once you have decided the design can proceed with the body painting.

How you can use colors: markers that are more practical and simple but can be used for small areas because they have little bit, henna, which is more safe and natural, the acrylic paints that can be applied with brush or airbrush and are used because they dry out very quickly, but you may want to delete them after a few hours, the tempera colors are not very used because their effect lasts until wet. This technique is quite complicated but fun and funky. If you are creative and have a way with design certainly will not find much difficulty in practicing it. Logically you need to reach a good manual dexterity, maybe asking a friend to be your “guinea pig” and slowly you will be specialized and you can pick any color, glitter, rhinestones, etc.