In this guide I would like to teach you how to make the earrings in copper . This step is not simple and requires a bit of manual work , but it lends itself to be useful even for the less experienced, “which will be able to buy pendants and materials ready and proceed solely and exclusively with the installation of their earrings do it yourself”. But we start to see the realization in detail.

Take a pendant copper, or shaping Make it come gently but with extreme precision the copper with pliers by fasteners, paying attention to create a small loop above the currently pending so that, in a second time, the same can apply to the rings apply the small pendant with nuns, and applied to the same hooks as small parts. If you are experienced you can make yourself small hooks from taking the copper and squeezing with two small forceps, utilization a round nozzle and the other classical. Roll then the copper wire on the round nozzle of your tweezers and cut the copper with the appropriate scissors copper.


Then insert the hooks into your pendant copper and seal, carefully. Since the hooks must be closed but not completely crushed or dented. Proceed in this way creating a small chain of the size and length you prefer, to give a little ‘movement to your earrings could for example create circles and alternate them with small circles of medium-sized and some large size. Now you should check that the small fragments of copper do not remain external to your hooks, since they may scratch you skin. In case of copper were left outside of your composition you will abrade the same with sandpaper or shape the copper with the pliers from small until the same will not be perfectly positioned within the composition.

Then made ​​of the nuns, or Buy them at any haberdashery shop or hobby you are near your home. The nuns can be modeled with the tongs from small and can be copper or silver. The alternative of silver lends itself perfectly for this’ action because this material is more hypoallergenic copper, which often cause allergies and discomfort to the lobes of the ears.